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If they had played another quarter in MUT 18 Coins
"The Chang Threshold" in honor of Hawaii's Timmy Chang, the NCAA's all-time leader in interceptions thrown. Ryan Mallett couldn't have picked a worse time to cross the Chang Threshold than in the fourth quarter against Alabama, but one does not always have a choice in these matters, especially when Nick Saban is throwing Rorschach defenses at you that do MUT 18 Coins not exist on film.

If they had played another quarter in Fayetteville, Mallett just continues to throw interceptions until he breaks down in tears because once you get on a good rip of INTs they just keep coming. If you can throw three interceptions you can throw nine, though scientifically there's no evidence you'll throw more than that in a single game. (Florida's John Reaves did this versus Auburn in 1969.) D is for DERP. There's nothing really right with

LSU besides the defense, and yet they stand at 4-0, but the solace of having no idea what's right with a football team is balanced by the total confusion of having no idea what's wrong with another. Of course this refers to Georgia, a 1-3 team who, when viewed on film, appears to be a non-horrible team. Watch the

Mississippi State tape and you'll see madden mobile coins nothing overtly inept about them. When you think "major program ineptitude," you think full body convulsions of football idiocy like those in the 2007 Notre Dame team or any team ever coached by Steve Kragthorpe, not what you see with Georgia 2010. No one's snapping the ball through the endzone or throwing a post pattern to the back judge, and no one's biting on play fakes like disabled video game defenders.