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finished these thing
finished these things, according to the requirements of our collection, he also talked about the customs and habits of their Yi people and the history of the nation. In particular, he told us about the custom of building a house in the Yi nationality. According to him, the Yi people must also pay attention to Feng Shui. There must be a granary in front of the house they built, and a pond in the back. The implication is that such a house can have a good feng shui. A pair of round stone carvings that people were able to eat and eat at the gate of his house caught our attention. It turned out that this pair of finely carved round stones was the grandfather of his grandfather. It was his grandfather��s grandfather who specially asked the stonemason to make sculptures for their home. It is a town house that is dedicated to the town government. We carefully observed that the stone carving pattern above was very fine. Although it has been nearly two hundred years, but the above pattern is still vivid, clearly visible in the middle, he also told us about their Yi nationality's national traditions, national customs, national legends. His narration provided us with a wealth of folklore materials for the Yi people. For us to create this novel that reflects Jinping style, it has enhanced the rare creative materials at noon. He took us into the dining room of his home. At this point, we found out that they had already made a table full of delicious food for their families. Among them are: sizzling big squid Marlboro Lights, sizzling pork balls, savory braised duck, Vietnamese pumpkin soup, cold green plums, fried bananas. In particular, he made a Vietnamese rice noodle roll made by his Vietnamese relatives. This is a special snack room in Vietnam. He also specially produced his precious "Chinese Dream" wine. When he was pouring wine for us, the old man of the knife family said to us humorously: "President Xi wants us to realize the Chinese dream. We must also realize the dream of our family members Cheap Cigarettes. When this bottle of "Chinese Dream" is finished, Later, he took out the unique Baogu wine specially made by his family to share with us. The writer Donghong did not eat wine, but under the enthusiasm of the old man Marlboro Red, he also had to drink three cups. Very happy at this time, his son came back from the outside. This physically strong young man is very hospitable. Under the command of his father, he warmly toasted us. Although he is also the father of children, but in front of his father Still seemingly respectful, it can be seen that after the three-person tour of the rustic wine of the old man's family style, the old man spoke to us about his political career. Originally, the old man was a member of several county CPPCC members, and he was actively responsible for the development of his family. The economy has exhausted its brains. In order to develop the rubber economy, he specially invited the technicians who came here to help them grasp the rubber planting. Finally, they are here. The rubber was planted. The Yi people had their own rubber industry. He respected the technician who helped them. Later, the technician who helped them develop the rubber economy died. Because the technician had no descendants, he Responsible for the sacrifice of their responsibilities. Every New Year's holiday, we must ask the children and grandchildren to go to the grave to filial piety to the technicians Parliament Cigarettes, burn paper for them, commemorate the candles, they can not let the children and grandchildren forget the book Wholesale Cigarettes, see the forgiveness, when we want to leave At that time, the warm and respectable old man sent us all the way to the car until the car was far away and still stood there to see us off. We have been reaching out to pay tribute to the old man in the car, we look at the old Yi Hero, my heart is full of respect.