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In order to create a long
In order to create a long mythical novel for Jinping County, Yunnan Province, which comprehensively reflects the customs Carton Of Cigarettes, human geography, customs and customs of Jinping, a multi-ethnic region, writers Dong Hong and Tang Ren came here to create a style. Their collection was supported by the Jinping County Party Committee and the county government. On the morning of May 7, accompanied by the Deputy Director of the Jinping County Committee, Li Tianqing, we went to the Panshan Highway to the Yi Village, and nearly 20 kilometers away from the county seat Newport Cigarettes. The town of Jura traveled Marlboro Gold. Along the way, the banana trees and rubber trees on both sides of the winding mountain road pass by us. The mountain seat disappeared behind our car. Although it was May, the intense ultraviolet radiation allowed us to bathe in the heat wave. Fortunately, there is air conditioning in the car, so that we have a cool environment along the way, Director Li constantly introduces the situation of the Yi people to us. Let us have a preliminary understanding of the Yi people here. Hearing this singer-songing nationality, we really want to go to their mysterious villages to see how it has been going for more than an hour. Our car finally stopped at the house of a knife family. At this time, a red-haired old Yi people appeared in front of us. After the introduction of Director Li, we learned that he is the descendant of the Dai people here. This year is already seventy years old Cigarettes For Sale, but from the look of red light and shivering, there is a gap between him and his actual age. It seems so kind and amiable, the young god knife family is really the son of the original toast of the Yi people. When he took out the stool and arranged for us to sit down, I laughed and laughed at us. There are four brothers in his family, and he is the oldest man at home. According to the regulations of the Yi people, the boss can pick up the class of the toast. Therefore, his older brother became a toast. When he was twenty years old, he applied for the Chinese People's Liberation Army. That year happened to be a counterattack against Vietnam. He participated in the battle. In the battle, he was responsible for the task of picking up the dead and wounded comrades in the squadron. Because he was serious and responsible for his work, he fought bravely, received the awards from the troops, and won the third class. He took out the military medal to let us share his honor. When we read his military medal, he told us about his experience. He was not only a hero of the army, but also a model worker for building a socialist society. When he took out the certificate of honor that shined with glorious brilliance for us to see, we were surprised to find that the old Yi people turned out to be an excellent old man with advanced thinking, traditional behavior and strict tutoring. We discovered at this time that the old Yi people in front of us are indeed a model of the new era. He smiled and said to us at this time: "I have maintained our national fine tradition. My certificates are my heirloom! I The descendants must also maintain such a glorious tradition. I do not allow my descendants to discredit me!" In fact Cheap Cigarettes, the descendants of this old man have maintained the glorious tradition he passed down. None of his descendants did something that he was sorry for. We saw his descendants, all of whom were very simple and honest. After he had