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Toronto Blue Jays Are in For a Serious Burn Selling Tickets In 2019
The Toronto Blue Jays might have to face a tough time selling tickets at ticket gates this season. The way their fan base has dropped even Vladimir Guerrero Jr. appearing for the first time might not have that big of an effect. Want to watch Vladimir Guerrero Jr’s debut game live? Bbtix have an offer for you! Buy Cheap Toronto Blue Jays Tickets from us and win a chance to get Toronto Blue Jays Tickets Discount Coupon too.

As compared to the last season the number of fans that appeared during the 2018 campaign witnessed a deficit of 878,605 fans coming through the gates. Furthermore, their rank in the league attendance has significantly dropped, they have gone straight to 13th after being 4th in a blink of a season with an average of 28.707 per game fan attendance.

The Blue Jays still don’t see any need to sign new players among so many famous free agents available this offseason, as the rookies prepared by the brain trust have shown considerably good performances and are ready for the MLB level. If you are a Blue Jay fan too, you will definitely want to root for your favorite team. Help yourself by getting Toronto Blue Jays Match Tickets from Bbtix.

The team draws a lot of attention from their fans when they are winning but this does not help them get any extra bonuses from the Ticket gates. Luckily, the team has someone that can offset this burn, you guessed it right; Vladimir Guerrero Jr. debut game might be able to get the fans to come for the first glimpse of the player playing in 2019 season for the blue jays.

Although this will put Vladdy in a lot of pressure to get to the level of the expectations he will be receiving from the fans.

After losing Josh Donaldson, the rumors of possible trade happening for the fans favorite players i.e. Marcus Stroman, Aaron Sanchez, and Kevin Pillar is working as a fuel to fire, is another reason for fans not pilling up at the ticket booths. Bbtix.com has amazing rates for Discounted Blue Jays Match Tickets. Order now to have the advantage.

Scott Boras went as far as to publicly bring the topic of Jays losing attendance to the surface, he said that the team was doing great but due to the neglect of their fans interests have bought this tragedy of losing one-third of their fan base. They don’t sign players fan want to see he said.

Over the course of three seasons, the team has significantly lost its standards. Here take a look at this baseball reference:

• 2018– Ranked 13th- 2,325,281, Avg. 28,707
• 2017– Ranked 4th- 3,203,886, Avg. 39.554
• 2016– Ranked 3rd- 3,392,099, Avg. 41,878

The Jays had finished 2018 being 4th in AL East with a record of 73-89, but as neither Red Sox nor the Yankees are backing down, Jays have rough roads up ahead. Want to join the Team live that will surely cheer them up and you can get the Cheapest Blue Jays Tickets at Bbtix.com.

Ross Atkins is not one to stay without a plan and he sure has made up his mind on what he wants with Jays in 2019. The company might have to suffer a lot and they’ll to have to face it all bravely. Because looking at the state the team is in right now the longer it takes to take action on these plans the less crowd there’ll be in their stadium.

Toronto Blue Jays Are in For a Serious Burn Selling Tickets In 2019
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