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EXAMS4SURE Review - Success in CRT-450 Test with Practice Exam Questions Cheat Sheet
EXAMS4SURE Made Easy For Preparation of CRT-450 Exam

While writing this review for the EXAMS4SURE CRT-450 training material for the DEVELOPERS test, I am very excited and happy that I have actually passed my CRT-450 exam on the first attempt. I never thought the exam CRT-450 exam questions and answers would be that easy to pass. Well, it was not that easy to pass CRT-450 exam. However, the CRT-450 training material provided by the made things a lot easier for me, and I was able to pass the SALESFORCE CERTIFIED PLATFORM DEVELOPER I (SU18) certification exam without going through any problems. SALESFORCE CRT-450 sample questions Cheat Sheet provided by the EXAMS4SURE was extremely useful, and I was sure after practicing that I would be able to pass the DEVELOPERS CRT-450 exam without any problems.

I was studying hard before, and I never knew that I would be able to pass the CRT-450 practice exam questions in the first attempt. I was searching for some shortcuts, to be honest; I accidentally landed on the EXAMS4SURE page. I started exploring the study guidelines provided by the EXAMS4SURE for the CRT-450 practice exam questions. I was surprised at the way the SALESFORCE CERTIFIED PLATFORM DEVELOPER I (SU18) study guide was composed. It totally looked expert, and I was very impressed with the presentation of CRT-450 exam questions and their references.

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After preparing myself for the DEVELOPERS exam, I started exploring their CRT-450 practice test software. I heard a lot about the software on the EXAMS4SURE platform, and after exploring the software, I was amazed by the quality of their DEVELOPERS CRT-450 Cheat Sheet. The test environment felt extremely close to the reality, and I was very happy back then. I spent my time by going through the complete tests multiple times. At first, I found it really hard to pass the practice test for the CRT-450 exam. However, after a few attempts, I started to pass the SALESFORCE CERTIFIED PLATFORM DEVELOPER I (SU18) certification exam with more than 90% marks.

After that, I switched it to the SALESFORCE CRT-450 certification mode, and I realized that after passing the SALESFORCE CERTIFIED PLATFORM DEVELOPER I (SU18) test in this mode, I should be able to pass the CRT-450 exam immediately. I passed the DEVELOPERS Braindumps Questions Answers in the certification mode multiple times, and I scored more than 90% marks. It gave me the boost that I was looking for, and finally, I passed the real CRT-450 questions Dumps on the first attempt. I am really thankful to and their brilliant effort on providing the best SALESFORCE CRT-450 exam dumps.

Question No 1:

Which statement results in an Apex compiler error?

A. Map<Id,Leas> lmap = new Map<Id,Lead>[Select ID from Lead Limit 8]);
B. Date d1 = Date.Today(), d2 = Date.ValueOf(‘2018-01-01’);
C. Integer a=5, b=6, c, d = 7;
D. List<string> s = List<string>{‘a’,‘b’,‘c’);

Answer: D

Question No 2:

What are two benefits of the Lightning Component framework? (Choose two.)

A. It simplifies complexity when building pages, but not applications.
B. It provides an event-driven architecture for better decoupling between components.
C. It promotes faster development using out-of-box components that are suitable for desktop and mobile devices.
D. It allows faster PDF generation with Lightning components.

Answer: B C

Question No 3:

A method is passed a list of generic sObjects as a parameter.

What should the developer do to determine which object type (Account, Lead, or Contact, for example) to cast each sObject?

A. Use the first three characters of the sObject ID to determine the sObject type.
B. Use the getSObjectType method on each generic sObject to retrieve the sObject token.
C. Use the getSObjectName method on the sObject class to get the sObject name.
D. Use a try-catch construct to cast the sObject into one of the three sObject types.

Answer: B

Question No 4:

What should a developer use to implement an automatic Approval Process submission for Cases?

A. An Assignment Rule
B. Scheduled Apex
C. Process Builder
D. A Workflow Rule

Answer: C

Question No 5:

When viewing a Quote, the sales representative wants to easily see how many discounted items are included in the Quote Line Items.

What should a developer do to meet this requirement?

A. Create a trigger on the Quote object that queries the Quantity field on discounted Quote Line Items.
B. Create a Workflow Rule on the Quote Line Item object that updates a field on the parent Quote when the item is discounted.
C. Create a roll-up summary field on the Quote object that performs a SUM on the quote Line Item Quantity field, filtered for only discounted Quote Line Items.
D. Create a formula field on the Quote object that performs a SUM on the Quote Line Item Quantity field, filtered for only discounted Quote Line Items.

Answer: C

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EXAMS4SURE Review - Success in CRT-450 Test with Practice Exam Questions Cheat Sheet
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