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Frequently asked questions
All details for Domeport

Q What is DomePort?
A DomePort is a website devoted to underwater imaging. The accent of the website is on sharing your photos with the community. However, there are also many resources like news, articles, reviews, etc.
Q Who owns DomePort?
A The DomePort website is owned and administered by Spearfish Ltd, Burgas, Bulgaria.
Q How is DomePort financed?
A The DomePort website is financed by the website sponsors. By clicking on the displayed sponsor banners you are helping this website to grow further and provide you with even better services.
Q How can I become a DomePort sponsor?
A Please use this Contact form to contact the DomePort management. We are ready to provide our sponsors with many advertisement options and opportunities. Thank you in advance for your interest!
Q Do I have to register?
A You may browse and view some of the DomePort resources without registering. However, if you like to actively participate as a member of our community, upload photos, participate in discussions or be rated, then you will have to register.
Q How do I register?

The registration process is free and simple. Please click on the register link in the top right corner of your screen or follow this link. A simple registration form will appear with several fields. Only the fields marked with asterisk (*) are obligatory, but in order for our members to get to know you better, we urge you to fill the form completely. Please select a screen name that would describe you better - that would be the name visible to the community and it will appear under each uploaded photo to mark you as author. When you select your password, please have in mind that you will have to fill it each time you log in to DomePort. DomePort will help you with your password selection by providing you with a hint for the security level of your chosen pass (from Very weak to Strong). Please fill a valid e-mail address in the specified field - it will be used only by the DomePort staff to contact you in case of a need. We will not share your e-mail or personal data with anyone, unless we are required to do so by law. You may choose to make your e-mail visible to the other users by checking the Show e-mail box in the Setting section of the registration form. Once you click on the Submit button, the registration process is complete!

Q Why do I have to agree with the DomePort General Terms and conditions?
A The DomePort General Terms and Conditions is a legal document binding for all persons using the DomePort services. It has been drafted with an aim to protect the rights of all the users, including yourself, as well as the DomePort rights. It describes the rights and obligations of all users and DomePort and is mandatory. Should you disagree with this document, please do not use the DomePort services. You may review the full text of the DomePort General terms and Conditions by following this link.
Q The General Terms and Conditions say I am providing DomePort with a license?
A Yes, in order for DomePort to display your photographs we need such a license from you. Please have in mind that we would never share your photographs with anyone. If we would like to do that, we will contact you to obtain your explicit permission! However, we may use your photograph for the purpose of popularizing DomePort - that means we might use your photos to create DomePort banners, PR articles, illustrate DomePort news items etc. But even in most of those cases we will contact you in advance to make sure you are okay with what we are planning to do. This is why it is so important for you to provide us with your valid e-mail address during the registration process - an e-mail address you regularly check!
Q How do I login after registration?
A After you complete your registration you can login at DomePort by entering your Screen name and Password in the respective boxes, appearing in the upper right corner of your screen.
Q How can I change my personal details?
A Clicking on the Profile link from the User menu in the top right corner will open your personal profile. Note the Profile menu at the top of the left pane. Clicking on the Details link will allow you to change your profile details. From here you can also upload a profile photo and forum avatar. Please note the file restrictions!
Q What else can I find on my profile page?
A From the Profile menu at the top of the left pane you can also access your personal Portfolio, access all News items and Comments submitted by you, as well as a list of the Blocked users.
Q How do I upload photos to DomePort?
A Once you register and login at DomePort a special User menu appears in the top right corner of your screen. Click on the Submit photo button and a form will appear. There is a bunch of data you can fill in to describe your photo! Only the fields marked with red asterisk (*) are mandatory, but we urge you to complete all the fields since it will provide the viewers with valuable information.

Submit photo fields explained:
  • Photo filename: click on the Browse button and select the photo file you wish to upload to DomePort. There are certain restrictions for the size of the file that are explained in the next Q&A.
  • Rules: Check the box so we make sure you agree with the DomePort General Terms & Conditions. You will not be able to upload a photo unless you agree with the T&C.
  • Title: Please provide a title of your choice for your photo. Should you wish to leave this field blank, the photo will be automatically named as "Untitled".
  • Description: This text field allows you to provide valuable description of your work.
  • Keywords: Please enter as much keywords as you feel necessary in order to make it easier to find your photos when searching the DomePort website. Enter the keywords separated with space. As an example if you post a macro portrait of a green goby the keywords may be: "underwater macro portrait green goby ugly pouting face".
  • Background: Select the background color you would like your photo to appear on. Click on the Pick color button to select from a set of colors. By default the background color is set to Black (#000000).

  • Gallery: This is a mandatory field. Please select the most appropriate Gallery from the drop-down menu after carefully reading the category descriptions. By default category is set to General. Please have in mind that the Administrators or Moderators may move your photo in a more appropriate category!

  • Album: This field allows you to organize the photo you plan to submit by placing it in any of your personal albums. To find out more on the creation of personal albums, please read the Organizing your photos section of this FAQ. If you do not select an album, your photo will be saved as Uncategorized photo.

  • Allow comments: If you wish to to prevent other users to comment your photo, please uncheck this box.

  • Notify me on comments: You will be notified by e-mail there's a new comment for your submitted photograph. Please uncheck the box if you do not want to be notified on comments.

  • Allow voting: By default the DomePort users are allowed to vote for your photo. However, you may disable voting for this photo if you uncheck the box.

  • Water Basin: This drop down menu allows you to select the water basin where your photo was taken.

  • Locality: This text field allows you to type in the specific locality where you took the photograph.

  • Post-processed: Please check this box if you your photo was post-processed by any image editing software. You do not have to check this ox if minor standard corrections were applied (like white balance, contrast/brightness, levels, less then 30% crop, etc.)

  • Taken on: This drop down menu allows you to select the particular diving method you used to take this photo.

  • Camera: In the drop down menu you will find a list of the cameras you own. Of course you will have to set this list first so please click on the Add button, select your camera from our extensive database to add it to your list.

  • Lens: As with the Camera menu, set the list of lenses you own and point out the lens used to take this particular photo. If you are not using a DSLR camera, leave this field blank.

  • Housing: Select the housing you have used to take this photograph. Leave this field blank if it's a land photo or if it was taken with amphibious camera.

  • Strobe: Add the strobe you used to take this photo. If you didn't use a strobe, leave this field blank.

  • Second strobe: If you used two strobes to take this photo, plies select it from the list of your strobes. If you didn't use a second strobe, leave this field blank.

  • ISO: Please check the image meta data (EXIF) and select the ISO rating of the photograph.
  • F/Stop: Please check the image meta data (EXIF) and select the f/stop of the photograph.
  • Shutter speed: Please check the image meta data (EXIF) and select the shutter speed of the photograph.

Q What are the file restrictions?
A Currently the maximum allowed size of the uploaded photo is 500KB Currently the maximum allowed image dimensions are 1024 pixels on the longest size. Please use your favorite image editing software to reduce the file size, image size and/or resolution. You won't be allowed to upload your photo unless it fits within the DomePort file restrictions.
Q What happens when I upload the photo?
A When you submit your photo it enters the DomePort Exhibition! it will be visible to the Web users and if you allowed this - it will be available for comments and rating by the other DomePort members.
Q Can I edit the details of already submitted photos?
A Of course! You can edit at any time the details of any photograph submitted by you by clicking on the Edit button in the Photo details screen.
Q How can I see the photos I have submitted?
A All photos you have submitted are placed in your personal Portfolio. To access your Portfolio login first and click on the Portfolio link in the User menu displayed in the upper right corner of your screen.
Q What is in my Portfolio?
A Your Portfolio contains all the photos you have submitted to DomePort. You can organize your photos by placing them in Photo Albums, filtering them and displaying them in various ways.
Q How can I create an Photo Album?
A Your personal Photo Albums are located in the special Portfolio menu visible in the upper left corner of the lest section of the web page. You can see your screen name and the flag of your country of origin. By default only the Display all options is visible under your screen name. Clicking on it will display all your submitted photos. To create a Personal Album click on the Edit button next to your screen name. A new page will appear. To create a new Personal Album, fill the Album Title field and the Description field. We suggest you to keep the album titles shorter but descriptive. You can add any longer text in the description field. Click on the Create button et voila - your new personal album is created! If you visit your Portfolio, you will see the your album titles in your Portfolio Menu, under your screen name. When you click on the album title you will access all the photos assigned to this particular album.
Q Will the other users be able to see my personal albums?
A Yes! When a DomePort user visits your profile he/she will be able to browse your albums.
Q Can I edit a personal Photo Album?
A Sure! After you create a Personal Album you can edit it by clicking on the Edit button next to your screen name in the upper left corner of your Portfolio menu. The Edit screen already contains a list of your personal albums. You can edit any Album data by clicking on its title. You can also change the order your albums are displayed by clicking on the arrows on the left side of the album title. The Up arrow would move this album one level up while the Down arrow will drop it by one level in the Albums list.
Q How can I assign a photo to a personal Photo Album?
A As it was already mentioned in the Submitting Photos section of this document, you can assign each newly submitted photo to a Personal Album by selecting the Album title from the respective drop-down menu. Editing the photo data will allow you to modify the Album the particular photo belongs to.
Q How can I view my photos?
A When you click on the Portfolio link, your Personal Portfolio is displayed. By default all your photos are displayed, but you can navigate to any of your Personal Albums from the left side menu. Your photos are displayed in the central part of the website as thumbnails. You can access your photo by clicking on the thumbnail. This will display the Browsing photo details screen. By clicking on the photo again will display your original photograph.
Q How can I view the details of the photo?
A By clicking on the Show photo details button (Blue arrow), located in the upper right corner of the central pane. This will display all the photo details entered by you during the submission process.
Q How can I navigate between photos?
A There are two ways. The first one is to go back to the previous screen by clicking on the Back button of your browser or by selecting particular album or Display all photos link from the left side top menu. The other way is to use the Film line under the photograph. You can navigate by clicking on the photos displayed in the line. By clicking on the blue arrow buttons you can navigate to Next/Previous page or to the Beginning/End of the Film Line.
Q What is the Exhibition?
A The Exhibition is the main photo gallery of DomePort. It is accessible by clicking on the Exhibition button from the Main Menu. You will see there all the photos submitted by the DomePort members! By default the images are sorted by Date and the View is set to Thumbnails. Opening and viewing of the images is done the same way as in your Portfolio. You can navigate through the pages by clicking on the arrows at the bottom left corner of the middle pane or by typing in specific page number in the lower right corner of the middle pane.
Q Can I change the view and sorting preferences?
A DomePort is extremely customizable environment! You can alter the preview size of the images from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the middle pane. The options are Thumbnails, Small, Medium and Normal with the Normal selection providing the largest image. You can also change the number of the Rows and Columns of the Images grid in accordance with your preferences. You can change the sorting preferences by selecting between several sorting methods from the Sort by drop-down menu. DomePort remembers your last sorting and viewing preferences!
Q What are the numbers under the thumbnails?
A The numbers represent (from left to right) the rating of this photo, the number of views, the number of comments. Additional information is displayed when you alter the viewing size.
Q There are too many photos and I would like to filter them.

There are Basic and Advanced filters allowing you to narrow your view. They work the same way in both Exhibition and Portfolio sections. The basic filters are available at the top of the middle pane: - The Filter text field allows you to search by word in the Title, Description and keywords of the photos. Once you set a keyword filter you may remove it by clicking on the red button next to the Filter text field. - The From and To fields allow you to narrow the displayed photos only between certain dates. Select the dates from the drop-down calendar. Clear the filter by clicking on the respective red buttons.

Q What are the Advanced filters?
A The advanced filters are accessible by clicking on the Advanced filters button on the top of the middle pane of the Exhibition or Portfolio sections. Clicking on the button will navigate you to the Advanced filters page. You will find out that you can filter the content of the Exhibition or Album by almost every kind of photo property, including Gallery, Water basin and Country. Please take a look at the Equipment filter allowing you to display only photos taken with specific equipment! Have in mind that DomePort remembers your advanced filter preferences! When you are wondering why not all images are shown, always check whether you have turned on an Advanced filter! A special attention icon will be displayed on the Advanced filters button to remind you that an Advanced filter is turned on! The Advanced filter section provides you also with advanced sorting opportunities!
Q Can I add comments to my photos and to other people's photos?
A Yes, you can review or add comments to your photos when you click on it. This can be done from both Exhibition and Portfolio sections. To add a comment, click on the respective button. By default you are subscribed to receive by e-mail all the comments submitted only for your photos. You may disable this feature by clicking on the Unsubscribe comments button. To subscribe for receiving the comments made for other photos, you would have to do that manually by clicking on the Subscribe for this page comments button.
Q Can I edit or delete my own comments?
A Yes, you can edit and delete any of your comments by clicking on the respective button on the right side of the comment text.
Q Can I rate or report comments?
A Please refer to the respective sections of this document.
Q Can I store photos that I like?
A Yes. You can mark your favorite photos by clicking on the respective button next to the voting one. You can access your favorite photos at any time by clicking on the Favorites link of the User menu at the top right corner of your screen. Notice that the Add to favorites button is now replaced by Remove from favorites. Clicking will remove the photo from your favorites list.
Q How can I add an author to favorites?
A If you select an author, you will notice an Add author to favorites button in the upper left pane of his portfolio, right beneath the author's albums. Clicking on it will make this author a favorite. All photos by your favorite authors since your last visit will be displayed in the Favorites section.
Q Can I change how the photos are displayed?
A Besides the simple viewing preferences you can personalize the DomePort look even further! You can access the advanced settings section by clicking on the little cogwheel button at the top of the middle pane of the Exhibition and Portfolio sections. From this screen you can personalze the view of each of the four viewing options: Thumbnails, Small, Medium and Normal. The Main settings allow you to select the number of rows and columns in the image grid, the background color of the image and the maximum number of characters to be displayed from the photo title. The Image border settings allow you to change the thickness of the border around the image from each of the image sides, and also to select a different border color. The image pad settings allow you to change the size of the pad in pixels and select a different image pad color. You can restore the original settings by clicking on the Restore defaults button.
Q What is the Photo rating?
A Unless you have disabled this option when submitting your photo, any DomePort user may vote for your photograph by clicking on the "I like it!" button displayed under your photo. Any click on the "I like it" button adds one point to your photo rating! Do not forget to vote for the photos submitted by the other DomePort member you like! It would add to your User rating!
Q Can I see who voted for my Photo?
A Yes. Clicking on the Photo rating will display a list of the DomePort members who liked your photo.
Q What is the User rating?
A The User rating is your personal rating. It is formed through a very conmplex formula. However, your rating is a ratio composed of your photos rating and your activity at DomePort.
Q How can I raise my User rating?

You can raise your user rating by doing the following:

  • Posting photos;
  • Posting photos that many users like and votte for;
  • Voting for other members' photos;
  • Submitting comments, that other Members find valuable and Approve;
  • Submitting Equipment reviews, that other Members find valuable and Approve.
Q Is my User Rating constantly raising?
A As long as you participate actively at DomePort, your User Rating will raise too. However, if you remain inactive, your User Rating will drop too. Your User Rating will be also reduced if you place comments that other Members disapprove, or if you post Equipent Review of no value to the other Members and they disapprove it. Your user rating may be also reduced by Administrator or Moderator as a measure against rating abuse, or other violation of the DomePort General or Specific Terms and Conditions.
Q Can I vote negatively?
A You can disapprove only comments and equipment reviews that you think have no value to you. It's done by clicking on the approve or disapprove buttons. Please have in mind that any negative vote will reduce the particular Member's rating, so please do not abuse this feature. Any reported abuse of the voting system would result in administrative check. If the alleged abuse is confirmed it will inflict a restrictive measure, including temporary or permanent ban.
Q How can my photo be displayed on the front page?

The front page includes three different photos:

  • The Featured photo is randomly displayed among photos selected by the DomePort Administrators and moderators;
  • The Photo of the day is the photo that accumulated most votes for the past 24 hours;
  • The Photo of the week section displays randomly the top fotos by Gallery for the past week.

The only way to get on the Page One is to submit a high quality photo!

Q Can I report abusive content?
A Yes. You can report any abusive or improper coment, photo, article or equipment review by clicking on the respective button. The respective Moderator or Administrator my at his/her sole discretion edit, delete or leave the reported material unchanged.
Q Can I report copyright infringement?
A Yes! Please use the Contact form to report copyright infringement by providing a link to the respective material! DomePort may contact you for further details before taking any measures. Should the infringement is confirmed, besides immediate removal of the respective material, it will result in serious actions against the infringer, including a permanent ban. Please do not abuse this feature since any "false infringement" may result in restrictive measures against yourself!
Q What are the News?
A DomePort is focused on the image content, but we are also aiming to provide you with the latest buzz in the underwater community. The main news section is located on the Front page. Clicking on a news title will display the full text of the particular news item.
Q Can I access all the news items?
A Yes, clicking on the News button from the Main menu will display the index news page.
Q I got news to share, how can I do that?
A Your news items are welcome at DomePort. You can submit your news item by clicking on the Submit news button located on the Front page or on the index News page. Please be advised that your news item will be reviewed by one of the DomePort editors. They are free to discard news items of low informational value at their own discretion or edit the news item content. News items of strictly advertising nature will also be discarded unless the submitting user is a DomePort sponsor.
Q How can I send personal messages to other members?

Please access the Messages link from the User menu in the upper right corner of your screen. By default your Inbox folder will be open. Note the Messages menu at the top of the left pane:

  • To compose a message, click on the New message link;
  • To display all your messages click on the All messages link;
  • To review the content of your Inbox folder, click on the Inbox link;
  • To se the messages you have sent, click on the Sent link.

A mailbox icon will appear next to the Messages button in the User menu when you receive a new personal message! Open your new message by double clicking on its subject!

Q What are the message commands?
A When you receive a message there are several standard commands accessible directly from the main Inbox page or at the bottom of the Message details screen. These are Reply, Forward and Delete commands.
Q Can I report a personal message?
A Yes. By clicking on the Report button from the message details screen you can alert an administrator about messages of inappropriate, abusive or spam nature. The message will be reviewed by an Administrator to confirm the report, which may result in sanctions against the Sender. Please do not abuse this feature since sanctions may be imposed also on the reporting party.
However, you have the option to simply put this user on your Blocked list by clicking on the Block button. This will prevent the user from sending you any other messages.
  FAQ Ver. 1.1/21.Oct.2009