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Issue 16 of African Diver Magazine is available for downloadApril 1, 2011 - 3:42 pm
This issue celebrates the life of the late PADI Platinum Course director, Witold Smilowski

In this issue we celebrate the life of PADI Platinum Course director, Witold Smilowski, who passed away quietly on Tuesday, 29 March. He touched the lives of many scuba divers all over the world and it’s our honour to remember his life work in our magazine.
Witold loved diving and he would have loved Aaron Gekoski’s article on Doctor Simon Pierce’s work with Whale Sharks in Mozambique. Likewise he would have loved reading Jon Wright’s story on the wreck of the Klipfontein, which lies in Mozambique waters and well within range of the average technical diver. Georgina Jones celebrates our Cape Fur seals and DAN launch their new HIRA program. We finish with a portfolio of one of South Africa’s celebrated underwater photographers – Geoff Spiby.
We hope you enjoy this issue and that it inspires you to get out there and dive.


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Underwater Photography MagazineJanuary 4, 2011 - 10:06 am
Issue 58 of the free mag is available for download

What's in Issue 58 of the Underwater Photography Magazine:
News Travel & Events
Tonga Humpback Whale Expedition on Nai’a, September 02-12, 2011
Doug and Mieko Hoffman received Eastman Kodak  Awards
British Underwater Image Festival Competition 2011, Deadline: 7th January 2011
The Big Scuba Show, 19/20th February 2011, Olympia, London
Our World Underwater Photo and Video Competition: Deadline: 17th January, 2011
Whale sharks of Utila 1st-9th April 2011
13th CMAS World Underwater Photography Championship, Bodrum,,, Turkey 26 - 31 May 2011
Alexanderia the Great, World record underwater escapologist


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The new issue of X-Ray Magazine is available for downloadNovember 14, 2010 - 8:45 pm
Issue #39 focuses on Palau

The new issue of X-Ray Magazine, focusing on Palau is available for download

Here's what you'll find in X-Ray '39:
Palau’s Treasures: A Diver’s Addiction by Todd Essick :: A Photographer’s Playground by Michael AW | A Gourmet Fiesta Diversity by Svetlana Murashkina :: Profile: Francis Toribiong by Arnold Weisz | Sunglasses for Divers by Kelly LaClaire | Freshwater Diving Austria by Wolfgang Pölzer | Unique Site: Pavillion Lake, British Columbia by Barb Roy | Portfolio: Kendahl Jan Jubb edittted by Gunild Symes | Shark Tales: The Grey Nurse Shark by Don Silcock | Dive Medicine: Cold & Hypothermia by Dr Carl Edmonds | Tech Talk: Technical Diving Skills by Mark Powell | UW Photo: Aspects of Preparation by Lawson Woo


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Underwater Photography Magazine, issue 57 is available for downloadNovember 1, 2010 - 8:54 am
Some really great articles in this issue!

Underwater Photography Magazine, issue 57 is available for download
This issue of probably the most popular free magazine provides some great news and reviews on the latest housings on the market including Aquatica AT2i  for the Canon T2i/550, Nauticam NA-NEX5 and Aquatica AN-5 for Sony NEX-5, Fantasea's housing for Nikon Coolpix P7000 and Nauticam NA-645DF for PhaseOne 645DF. Our buddy Kay Burn Lim reviews the Seahorn snoot.
Some great reading can be found among this issue's articles. Dr Alex Tattersall talks about Creativity in the Canaries. Tim Priest discusses the ethics in wildlife photography. Julian Cohen presents the Rabbit Ears strobe positioning technique and Alex Mustard writes about off-camera strobes.

DOWNLOAD Underwater Photography Magazine, issue 57.

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The new African Diver is available for downloadOctober 1, 2010 - 1:27 pm
Issue 13 celebrates the 2nd anniversary of the magazine

African Diver / Issue 13The 13th issue, but also African Diver's 2nd birthday issue is available for free download. The main message in this issue is one of hope and respect, nurture and trust. The magazine features the newly formed South African branch of the Handicap Scuba Association and how the diving community came to the rescue of the diver operators of Ponta do Oura.
With this issue you can learn of the lost spider crab species of southern Africa and enjoy a photographic essay on the beauty of the Eastern Cape and Transkei coasts. More beauty and wonderment reveals itself in the magazine's feature on diving the Brothers in the Red Sea.
And then, sadly, the reader will learn of the massive challenges facing marine conservation in Tanzania and the obstacles to be overcome.


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UwP Magazine (issue 56) is available for downloadSeptember 1, 2010 - 8:26 am
Check out the latest travel stories and gear reviews

UWP Magazine, Issue 56UwP Magazine (issue 56) is available for download and is loaded with great news and travel info.
Here's what you will find in this issue:

News, Travel & Events
Need your help to stop needless shark killing here in Palm Beach, Florida!
World Festival of underwater pictures, 27-31 october 2010, Marseille, France
Epson Red Sea Full HD Live Underwater Broadcasts at the Photokina 2010 Fair!
Basking Sharks of Cornwall, England with Mauricio Handler June 2nd-7th 2011
The Nobel of the Sea to the Swiss photographer Jean-Claude Uldry
Brighton Pier with Maria Munn 23rd & 24th October 2010
2011 Raja Ampat Entrance Tag Design Contest
A Ray of Hope for Manta Rays in Brazil
Ocean Art Photo Competition 2010
Waterworld Images Dominica Sperm whale trips 6-13 and 13-20 of Nov 2011
MacGillivray Freeman Films Launches “One World Ocean”
Blue water,  white sharks  with Charles Hood 27th Sept - 4th Oct 2011
President José Ramos-Horta announces the inaugural  International Dive Photo Contest of Timor-Leste  October 9 -15th  2010


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Sharks - Up CloseJune 1, 2010 - 8:35 pm
Jim Abernethy's new book sinks its teeth in!

The award-winning underwater photographer and adventurer James Abernethy announced his first book: Sharks - Up Close.
The book lets you explore the amazing beauty and life of these  creatures, still feared by many divers. Jim's is one of the most experienced sharks divers and has spent a lifetime getting Up Close with many of the largest species of shark. So I guess we could rely on his knowledge and love for these misunderstood creatures, which fueled his passion to share with the world the true nature of sharks.

The 81 pages of Sharks - Up close not only leave the reader with eyefull of stunning imagery, but also provide educational text. This would leave you with a new appreciation for sharks and their plight for survival. The book is filled with information on sharks — from their unique anatomy to behaviors rarely seen.
    Here's what some of the world's best have to tell about Sharks - Up Close:
    “Jim Abernethy has spent a lifetime pursuing sharks all over the world and no one has been so close, so many times. In Sharks - Up Close, Jim employs his decades of experience diving with sharks to answer many of the most compelling questions about these animals. Jim offers the most spectacular underwater shark photographs ever taken. For shark lovers, young and old, this book is a must have!”
    — Howard & Michele Hall
    IMAX filmmakers

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