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2012-05-20 20:49:03 davin4i Thanks mate! Rock holes
2012-05-20 20:28:41 bassemjam It is a Gorgone Ophiur Brittlestar Bouqet
2012-05-18 15:24:02 pipin162 Nice shot! :) Rock holes
2012-05-17 10:31:13 marsianka It's adorable, what's its name? It's just what I'd imagined Medusa's hair would look like :) Bouqet
2012-04-13 18:31:49 davin4i Thank you Mike! Inside the jellyfish
2012-04-13 03:42:17 Mike Ronesia Very cool, and it looks huge! Inside the jellyfish
2012-03-28 21:55:09 davin4i Thanks mate!This was the big jellyfish! Inside the jellyfish
2012-03-28 10:55:55 Tanass Congratulations for the shot Davin4i!!! I have tried to shoot this tiny fishes inside, but not successfully till now! BRAVO! Inside the jellyfish
2012-03-10 19:03:15 davin4i Thanks mate! Taking off
2012-03-09 17:01:37 Wishbone Fantastic shot! Taking off
2012-03-06 23:02:53 Sand hehe you should change the head little bit and it will look like a real Dragon :) Taking off
2012-01-11 09:39:27 marlin Hi, Seawater! It's the luck of the beginner :) Couple
2011-12-29 10:56:24 seawater Hi, Marlin! Good luck with that double shot! Couple
2011-11-24 19:49:26 davin4i Thanks Wish! Aegean split
2011-11-23 11:15:15 Wishbone Great shot, man! Aegean split
2011-11-15 17:56:36 vektorz Bravo! Golden trevally fish
2011-11-08 11:46:15 davin4i Where is photographed? Whitetip reef Shark /Triaenodon obesus/
2011-10-28 08:31:51 Wishbone Indeed! Well done Pipin! Sand Tiger Shark
2011-10-28 06:47:09 Mike Ronesia Very nice. Sand Tiger Shark
2011-10-25 12:57:50 Patriot65 Where you you buy a seahorn snoot for an Ikelite DS-161 strobe online from a US Dealer? Seahorn releases strobe snoots in four sizes
2011-10-20 13:08:38 Tanass :) wow, how quick is this guy devil-fish
2011-10-11 13:01:36 marsianka A torch. Awake
2011-10-07 17:23:51 seawater One late comment: the shot is really interesting. Did you use an external strobe or a focus light (torch)? This autumn I saw many red actinias at Sozopol's coast, but they stayed closed till full ... Awake
2011-09-19 09:45:47 Wishbone Well... The trips are the easiest way to add up to the overall prizes amount. One thing not to like here is that you get a trip for Raja per example, that's worth 1000$ but since you cannot affor ... Ocean Art Photo Competition 2011 call for entries
2011-08-28 23:08:30 Mike Ronesia There are two things that bother me. One is the prizes. I am just not interested in trips and the second thing is it seems most of the contests don't allow you to view the entry's or know how many ... Ocean Art Photo Competition 2011 call for entries
2011-08-27 14:03:47 Wishbone Hey Mike, That could be an interesting discussion. What is that you dislike about the organization of such comps? Ocean Art Photo Competition 2011 call for entries
2011-08-20 00:43:47 Mike Ronesia I wish I could compete with some of the great photographs people take. I do enjoy a good competition but am not a fan of how these are set up. Ocean Art Photo Competition 2011 call for entries
2011-08-18 13:39:58 marsianka Wishbone, I am glad you like it, your lecture was very helpful, otherwise we would not have thought of using the torch instead of the flash. Awake
2011-08-18 13:33:37 marsianka Thank you, Seawater, it was really a lucky shot. This photo is taken during "Diving fest 2011", at noon. While on a quest for hidden treasures, my buddy found this little insomniac hidden between ... Awake
2011-08-05 10:11:03 mitaka Thenks!This is first picture hast taken with my new underwater Sony set.It work very well. Photographer
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