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2018-02-01 13:54:29 healthydiet About Us
2018-02-01 13:53:42 healthydiet ghhg About Us
2017-05-23 08:31:59 bilitekish http://xn----4mcqip6gtan20jba.n ... FAQ
2017-05-23 08:30:53 bilitekish <a href="">تور اصفهان</a> <br/> <a href="">بلیط آنتالیا</a> <br/> <a href="http://xn----zmcaj1b1hikc05k.xn--z ... FAQ
2014-07-23 10:20:19 davin4i Nice shot !!! Phycis phycis
2014-06-04 08:33:58 Tanass Nice :) Princess
2013-11-08 22:41:46 marsianka ???????? :) Back on my feet again
2013-08-09 16:52:01 vektorz Nikon J1, WP-N1 At the restaurant
2013-08-08 13:12:22 davin4i What camera did you use? At the restaurant
2013-03-11 08:32:24 Arishbek Great moment. I always wanted to make picture like this. But every time the waether was fine. Flood rain to the surface.Macro
2012-09-12 20:40:22 Tanass Nice bouquet :) Night fires
2012-07-23 21:44:04 vektorz Thank you very much, I was lucky with the natural light there. Cyan
2012-07-23 12:54:14 Tanass Pretty Nice portreit, I like it!! Congratulations!!! Cyan
2012-07-18 11:47:13 ThaiDiveSail Yes, I see what you mean. Thanks :) Fired Egg
2012-07-18 11:44:37 ThaiDiveSail I didn't crop it much, I kind of liked the curve the wide angle gave to the background. If the nudi had been facing me I think I would have autpmatically cropped it straight away. Am going to try ... Fired Egg
2012-07-18 00:35:56 Mike Ronesia Did you crop this? If not it would help. Fired Egg
2012-06-07 12:17:36 davin4i Thanks Tanass! Aegean rocks
2012-06-06 23:45:09 Tanass Nice Job!Like diagonals in the composition! Aegean rocks
2012-06-04 16:58:53 Tanass Backround...hahaha, yep...but it wasn't arranged...just Sepia was there :) Sepia Officinalis 01
2012-06-04 16:06:07 mitaka Great shot Nase.The back ground of urchins is interesting ! Sepia Officinalis 01
2012-05-20 20:49:03 davin4i Thanks mate! Rock holes
2012-05-20 20:28:41 bassemjam It is a Gorgone Ophiur Brittlestar Bouqet
2012-05-18 15:24:02 pipin162 Nice shot! :) Rock holes
2012-05-17 10:31:13 marsianka It's adorable, what's its name? It's just what I'd imagined Medusa's hair would look like :) Bouqet
2012-04-13 18:31:49 davin4i Thank you Mike! Inside the jellyfish
2012-04-13 03:42:17 Mike Ronesia Very cool, and it looks huge! Inside the jellyfish
2012-03-28 21:55:09 davin4i Thanks mate!This was the big jellyfish! Inside the jellyfish
2012-03-28 10:55:55 Tanass Congratulations for the shot Davin4i!!! I have tried to shoot this tiny fishes inside, but not successfully till now! BRAVO! Inside the jellyfish
2012-03-10 19:03:15 davin4i Thanks mate! Taking off
2012-03-09 17:01:37 Wishbone Fantastic shot! Taking off
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